+ fragment.in

We are a Swiss based interaction design studio.

We create innovative projects, interactive installations, video and Game design.

We are Simon de Diesbach, Laura Perrenoud and Marc Dubois.

+ 2199

This multiplayer virtual reality experiment proposes the discovery of a generative architecture through VR Gear.

The exploration creates a surrounding soundshape and a choregraphy with users themsleves.

Coming soon.

+ I.R.C.A.

Infinite rewind cinematographic apparatus is a super-projecting-machine built from 16mm projectors and with a life of its own.

Programmed to create films by entering the heart of one of the most mysterious mathematical entities, pi.

Made with Sophie Dascal

+ The Guard

The Guard is the tangible part of the web-documentary dada-data.net.

Using augmented reality, the visitor can play with the puppet from Sophie Teauber (The Guard), and discover his online identity.

+ Researches at CERN

We have been awarded the collide@cern residency and are currently spending 3 months at CERN doing artistic researches.


+ Computer orchestra

Computer orchestra is an interactive installation with multiple computers placed like a classical orchestra.

This project proposes a new approach to music by allowing the user to conduct his own orchestra.

+ Lost in Berlin

This project is a generative web-documentary, where a voice-over leads the apparition of the photographic work of Pierre-Yves Massot, about Berlin.

+ Augmented Fabric

This is a commercial project made for a fabric brand of Switzerland.

+ OccultUs

OccultUs is an Oculus Rift installation that immerses the user in the midst of a sensory experience playing on the interpenetration of visual and sound elements from two distinct realities, one tangible and another simulated.

+ Open controllers

This project proposes to combine common industrial objects with several sensors that smartphones are equipped with, in order to create controllers that are easy to reproduce.

+ Matter

Matter is a puzzle game where the player follows a light beam, reflected or refracted from a material to another.

+ News



  • November: Exhibition at Festival Tous Écrans.
  • Octobre: Talk at Nipconf
  • September: Computer Orchestra exhibited at Singapour for Jabra brand
  • September: Talk and Workshop at Circle of Light Festival in Moscow.
  • July 23rd: Conference at Cern. Doors open at 18:30. -> subscribe here
  • July 13th: Residency Collide@CERN begins, let’s be 2 months at cern. Follow our latest discoveries on collideatcern.fragment.in

+ Awards and exhibitions


  • Collide@Cern Pro Helvetia Residency
  • Computer Orchestra – Reims
  • OccultUs, Matter and Open Controllers – Graphik 15, Zürich
  • Matter – Part of Swissgames selection
  • Matter – NIFFF festival Neuchâtel


  • Computer Orchestra – Singapour
  • Open Controllers and Matter – Swissnex Gaming Week in Bangalore
  • OccultUs – Festival tous écrans
  • Open Controllers – Graphik 14, Zürich
  • OccultUs – Creative Expo
  • OccultUs – The Overkill Festival in the Netherlands
  • Prix de l’excellence – ECAL


  • Prix de la Ville de Renens – Exhibition in Renens

+ Press