February 2016: « La garde » Installation Exhibition at Swiss National Museum, Zürich. Part of the webdoc project Dada-dada.net

January 2016: Computer Orchestra Exhibition at Festival RC4, Oi Futuro Ipanema, Brazil.

November 2015: Exhibition at Festival Tous Écrans.

Octobre 2015: Talk at Nipconf

September 2015: Computer Orchestra exhibited at Singapour for Jabra brand

September 2015: Talk and Workshop at Circle of Light Festival in Moscow.

July 23rd 2015: Conference at Cern. Doors open at 18:30. -> subscribe here

July 13th 2015: Residency Collide@CERN begins, let’s be 2 months at cern. Follow our latest discoveries on collideatcern.fragment.in


We are a Swiss based interaction design studio.

We create innovative interactive projects; mixing augmented reality, installation, video and game design.

We are Simon de Diesbach, Laura Perrenoud and Marc Dubois.

  Computer orchestra

  Lost in Berlin

Web-documentary realized for the photographer Pierre-Yves Massot.

  Augmented Fabric

Commercial project made for a fabric brand of Switzerland called Switcher.




  Open controllers


Matter is a puzzle game where the player follows a light beam,
reflected or refracted from a material to another.

  Awards and exhibitions


  • Collide@Cern Pro Helvetia Residency
  • Computer Orchestra – Reims
  • OccultUs, Matter and Open Controllers – Graphik 15, Zürich
  • Matter – Part of Swissgames selection
  • Matter – NIFFF festival Neuchâtel


  • Computer Orchestra – Singapour
  • Open Controllers and Matter – Swissnex Gaming Week in Bangalore
  • OccultUs – Festival tous écrans
  • Open Controllers – Graphik 14, Zürich
  • OccultUs – Creative Expo
  • OccultUs – The Overkill Festival in the Netherlands
  • Prix de l’excellence – ECAL


  • Prix de la Ville de Renens – Exhibition in Renens