+ fragment.in

We are a Swiss based interaction design studio.

We create innovative projects, interactive installations, video and Game design.

We are Simon de Diesbach, Laura Perrenoud and Marc Dubois.

+ Black&Lights

Black&Lights is an interactive light display, inspired and built around an Outrenoir Painting from Pierre Soulages.

This physical experience is an illustration of the relation between Light, Observer and Painting and its importance in the work of Soulages. Observer position is tracked in realtime and influence the lightning on the painting.

It is part of the exhibition Noir, c’est noir ? at EPFL (exhibited until April 23rd 2017) and was built in collaboration with the LTS2 Lab from EPFL.

+ I hat an idea

Wear a hat, get a question, share your ideas !

This project was made for the inauguration of Pier 17, at the San Francisco, for swissnex. It was part of the exhibition #SOFTFORM made in collaboration with bureauA.

You can check out generated questions here

Video will be coming soon!

+ 2199

This multiplayer virtual reality experiment creates choregraphy with users themsleves.

Coming soon.

+ I.R.C.A.

Infinite rewind cinematographic apparatus is a super-projecting-machine built from 16mm projectors and with a life of its own.

Programmed to create films by entering the heart of one of the most mysterious mathematical entities, pi.

Made with Sophie Dascal

+ The Guard

The Guard is the tangible part of the web-documentary dada-data.net.

Using augmented reality, the visitor can play with the puppet from Sophie Teauber (The Guard), and discover his online identity.

The Guard will be in Festival del Film Locarno until August 7.

+ Researches at CERN

We have been awarded the collide@cern residency and are currently spending 3 months at CERN doing artistic researches.


+ Computer orchestra

Computer orchestra is an interactive installation with multiple computers placed like a classical orchestra.

This project proposes a new approach to music by allowing the user to conduct his own orchestra.

+ Lost in Berlin

This project is a generative web-documentary, where a voice-over leads the apparition of the photographic work of Pierre-Yves Massot, about Berlin.

+ Augmented Fabric

This is a commercial project made for a fabric brand of Switzerland.

+ OccultUs

OccultUs is an Oculus Rift installation that immerses the user in the midst of a sensory experience playing on the interpenetration of visual and sound elements from two distinct realities, one tangible and another simulated.

+ Open controllers

This project proposes to combine common industrial objects with several sensors that smartphones are equipped with, in order to create controllers that are easy to reproduce.

+ Matter

Matter is a puzzle game where the player follows a light beam, reflected or refracted from a material to another.

+ News



  • November: Exhibition at Festival Tous Écrans.
  • Octobre: Talk at Nipconf
  • September: Computer Orchestra exhibited at Singapour for Jabra brand
  • September: Talk and Workshop at Circle of Light Festival in Moscow.
  • July 23rd: Conference at Cern. Doors open at 18:30. -> subscribe here
  • July 13th: Residency Collide@CERN begins, let’s be 2 months at cern. Follow our latest discoveries on collideatcern.fragment.in

+ Awards and exhibitions


  • Collide@Cern Pro Helvetia Residency
  • Computer Orchestra – Reims
  • OccultUs, Matter and Open Controllers – Graphik 15, Zürich
  • Matter – Part of Swissgames selection
  • Matter – NIFFF festival Neuchâtel


  • Computer Orchestra – Singapour
  • Open Controllers and Matter – Swissnex Gaming Week in Bangalore
  • OccultUs – Festival tous écrans
  • Open Controllers – Graphik 14, Zürich
  • OccultUs – Creative Expo
  • OccultUs – The Overkill Festival in the Netherlands
  • Prix de l’excellence – ECAL


  • Prix de la Ville de Renens – Exhibition in Renens

+ Press