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NEW DATES: From SEPTEMBER 24th to OCTOBER 3rd, 2020, the 3rd international Alps Art Academy will take place in the Safiental (Grisons, Switzerland). The summer academy, which is held every two years in Tenna, focuses on land and environmental art.

In dialogue with the art-historical movement of the 1960s and 70s, contemporary approaches to art in the Alpine landscape are discussed and further developed. The Alps Art Academy creates a platform for proposals for a possible future Land Art, which integrates the landscape, nature and the environment as well as history and society into its production.

Fragmentin, "Hacking nature" workshop

How could we observe, measure and look at Alpine natural landscape differently through the lense of digital technology? Which new aesthetics could emerge from combining this specific graubünden nature with technological breakthrough ?

Using a bunch of different low & high tech tools, sensors and software, the participants will be invited to explore - with the help of the three artists & programmers of Fragmentin - the rich natural area of Safiental and create something out of it.   

The output is relatively free, it could take the form of an object, a sculpture, a piece of software or a performance.  The artist trio will also bring an axidraw pen plotter machine to give the possibility of the participants to create beautiful maps and drawings.


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1020 Renens, CH

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